No-code data science in clicks

VAYU is an end-to-end tool for data science, without writing any code. Import, prepare, analyze, visualize and share in just a few clicks. Build interactive reports, automate workflows and share templates.
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Hi everyone πŸ‘‹ Excited to finally share this on Product Hunt. A few years ago, @joyeeta_das1 and I set out to democratize access to data science. We believe that if each of us had easy access to the right data and the right tools, we'd all make much better decisions. (There isn't a better example of that than what's happening right now across the world with COVID.) We knew that democratisation => no-code. That meant building an alternative to R/Python/SQL - just as powerful, but replacing code with clicks, drag and drop and simple formulas. It had to "just work", be interactive and fun to use! That's VAYU - it means "wind" in Sanskrit, because we think that's how you'll feel when you use it. We'd love you to try it out and give us your feedback. Here are a few pro tips: - Try connecting "blocks" together to build workflows. One of my favourites is connecting a chart to a table, and then filtering the columns in the table (the chart automatically updates). - Use our drag and drop formulas to do more sophisticated "data prep" and analysis. (The query block is really great for us.) - We have a secret beta feature - the "SENTIMENT" function enables you to use AI on your text data to extract positive or negative sentiment. (If you run out of credits let us know - we're happy to bump those up.) In future, we'll be adding features like real-time collaboration, import/export to any source, and statistics/ML/AI modelling. Ultimately, whether you're doing exploratory analysis, writing a report or building an end-to-end data pipeline - it should be possible in VAYU. One more thing - to celebrate the launch, we're offering three months free for our paid plan, when we launch that later in the year. (Just sign up today and we'll take care of the rest.) Thanks again to the amazing team at Gyana for making this happen. They are all superstars and hopefully you will meet some of them today. Ask me anything! πŸ™Œ David
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@joyeeta_das1 @david_kell Congratulations on the launch! You might be addressing the need gap - 'On-demand data science without coding' posted on my platform - You're welcome to join the discussion and explain how your product solves their problem; for your customers to find your product easily.
@needgap Thanks for sharing and letting us know. We will check it out soon and share more details about our product.
I'm always searching for no-code solutions and this one recently caught my eye. Data science is soooooo overwhelming to folks like me who have zero background in this area. I love that there's someone applying the same no-code approach from websites and apps to something crazy complex like big data.
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@jmitch Thanks Justin ! Feedback much appreciated..
Superb product and very excited to see how this no-code big data platform grows
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Thanks for the great feedback @markpearson, much appreciated!
Great experience
@daniel_borrero_i_fresno Thanks Daniel, much appreciated!
VAYU covers the entire data science's journey and is definitely the need of the hour. Onwards and upwards. Love it.
@suraj_rajan Thank you, Suraj!
@suraj_rajan Thanks Suraj, high praise indeed! Can't wait to see what you make with it.