Vanish off the internet. Control your social media presence.

Vanish is a guide to clean your social media presence/image.

Vanish doesn't get into accounts. That would be counter-intuitive for this site, since people using this are looking for the internet and its services to be as nonintrusive as possible.

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Not sure what else to say.


Instructions are OK.


It is just a list of instructions. I expect to provide the service my logins and passwords so it wipes all my data for me.

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Hi Igor! Thanks for reviewing Vanish. The first thing I said when in the short product introduction is that there are other products that do what you are talking about, yet I personally (and some other people I talked to about this) found it counter-intuitive to do something similar since most people deleting their online data do not want to give any more permissions to any more apps, so I created an alternative to make it easier to do manually. There's a tool that kept showing up as similar to Vanish here on PH that seems to do what you are looking for, you may find it on the related products sidebar! Hope that helps
Nice work, @whereskeyser. Related wild shower thought: Does this exist for the real world? I.e. Is there a service that will help one create a new identity to escape their current situation and start over?
Thank you for checking Vanish out @rrhoover! Interesting question! Not that I know of. To a certain extent we are all traceable (which is scary to think about), e.g. we need a passport and plane ticket to travel to different cities/states/countries. I would be curious to know how something like what you said could be implemented fully, and if it could, how many people would use it.
@whereskeyser @rrhoover I believe it's called witness protection. Super exclusive, you can jump the waiting list if you get a referral from the FBI
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Hello everybody! This is the second product I made for my startup, The M Company ( The first one was seen before here as well,! The idea for Vanish came to me because I always feel the need to have as few social media accounts as I can. A lot of you can probably relate. The few similar products I saw out asked for, in my opinion, too many permissions to do it automatically. And while I do get where they are coming from, I feel most of us decide to clean up our social media due to a need to feel control over our information, in varying degrees depending on the person. This is why Vanish simply works as a guide and links you to the pages in each social media site so you can do it yourself, but way quicker. This product represents the simplicity behind The M Company (The only way I could simplify it more would be if I took out the stylesheet haha). In the future I wish to bring you much, much bigger products, that will help you optimize your existing devices (phones, computers, wearables, etc.) as well as your daily routine. This is just the very beginning! PS. Has no one found the easter egg yet?
@whereskeyser I think your website is down - let us know when it's back up
@abadesi Hi, looks like it's up now!
@whereskeyser I found it :) #Linda
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A bit of tidying up won't hurt (the look of cursor oevr "X" mark, capability to close tip with "Esc".


Simple set of instructions


The list should be bigger

Hi Konstantin, thank you for reviewing Vanish and thank you for the suggestions! Already changed the cursor look on X, and the popups exit on "esc" is on the list of improvements already :)
Little Vanish update! Learn how to vanish off WeChat and Google search results 💫