Values Creator Plus

Browse, create & get your team to vote up company values!

Values Creator Plus - a simple way for companies to vote up their company values.
• Browse the values of top companies, or create your own
• Create a shortlist & send invites for the team to vote
• Send reminders & view results
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9 Reviews5.0/5
Values are such valuable drivers in any organization. Great to have tools like this to help the process along.
Thanks Andre!
For any business wanting to revisit or create their core values, this seems like an incredibly easy and powerful tool to set you up for success and help lay a very valuable foundation for your business! Well done Hi-5 team for yet another smart, easy and user friendly tool
Thanks T Bone!
It sounds like a simple thing that everyone should be connected to and know without thinking about it, but it was not that simple for us who are completely over subscribed! And they change as you grow and progress as a company too.
@worldwidewebbd Thanks for your valuable feedback