Values Creator

A simple tool to help organisations create a set of values.

Get inspired by some of the world’s leading companies and create your own values.

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What an amazing and innovative way of helping companies to figure out what their core values are and start communicating those in terms of supporting behaviours that would create corporate culture. Learn from some of the global best leaders in corporate culture development and start creating an awesome place to work.


Super easy to use


None I have identified yet

Thanks for your feedback Deborah. I hope this helps your clients.

Time is my challenge, this makes something important very simple and user friendly, not to mention efficient.


Simple and straightforward to use


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Thanks for your feedback Dave, this is helpful. We wanted to keep it simple.
This is a great, simple tool to create a basis for conversations around your company values, which really form the core of a company's culture. Many companies will benefit from this!
Hello! I'm curious. Why did you choose to give us only one option to sign in? Asking for our gmail account. Usually I give a different account to sign in to services like yours, this is why I'm asking. Thanks in advance.
@dinorahmm We had limited time and chose to validate the idea first, what accounts would you usually sign in for a service like this?
@garywillmott I use a personal account from a company that was bought by Yahoo (this is my oldest email, before Google's existence).
Hey PHunters! 😸😸😸 Thanks for stopping by. At Hi5 , our mission is to help companies improve company culture by continuous recognition and feedback. However we found most companies don't even have a set of company values to start with with🤯 Alternatively they had a terrible set of values which made no sense to the employees. Hence we came up with idea to build a simple tool to help companies get inspired by some of the world’s leading companies and create your own values. We are in serious BETA stage and have loads of ideas as roadmap forward, however we appreciate your feedback for the road ahead.