Values Creator Plus

Browse, create & get your team to vote up company values!

Values Creator Plus - a simple way for companies to vote up their company values.
• Browse the values of top companies, or create your own
• Create a shortlist & send invites for the team to vote
• Send reminders & view results
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9 Reviews5.0/5
Very valuable tool for companies that take 'culture' seriously.
Thoroughly enjoyed working on this. It's a really powerful tool for companies, allowing them to take example from some of the most successful companies around the world. You're onto something here @garywillmott
@garywillmott @ashmikeketchum So cool that we've finally launched this!
This may be a useful tool for a company desiring to be an ExO (exponential organization) as the first thing an ExO need is a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). A collaborative tool like this would be great to narrow down the MTP.
@drct This is a brilliant Idea Clarence! We're massive believers companies setting a MTP. I will chat to the team and see if we can take this further!
Cant wait to try this , useful tool for a small business.
@karina_els Thanks Karina, let us know once you have tried it out!
Values are such valuable drivers in any organization. Great to have tools like this to help the process along.
Thanks Andre!