Social network for black professionals

Valence aims to unlock the global combined power of black professionals to create massive economic and social progress. From industry titans to up-and-comers, their members include the best Black talent in Tech, Media, Finance and Entertainment.
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Interesting to see the rise of niche communities like these. As a mid-career black professional it's exciting to see the success of professionals who look like me who I can learn from.
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@lanre_akinyemi this is exciting, congratulations on the launch!
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@lanre_akinyemi Wouldn't call black people a niche community.
@joaosardinha Black people in tech - especially senior positions is niche
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@lanre_akinyemi @joaosardinha black people in tech is something we look forward to. I have to agree it’s a niche too.. we can be celebrated differently..
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I feel this could be taken as a racist platform TBH. Imagine if this was a social network for white professionals? it would be scrutinized. It shouldn't matter about colour! Period!
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@paulparsons1981 community and representation is so important for all types of people. At its core, Valence is on a mission to support a group of people – some of whom might be your friends or current/future teammates. We shouldn't view their efforts as zero sum. I.e. You and I aren't disadvantaged because of something like this.
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@paulparsons1981 They're trying to close a gap. Creating a platform only for white people would only make the gap bigger. Do you see the difference? In one case you're solving a problem, in the other you are the problem.
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@rrhoover I completely get that, what my comment was highlight is the double standard of if this was positioned differently, how would it be taken.
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@thomgroutars The best way to close the gap is to not isolate groups, but include them and shine. My point was about if this was the other way around, it would be called racist, which is not fair and the number of upvotes on my comment shows I am not the only one who sees that.
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@rrhoover @paulparsons1981 Except it's not a double standard. There's a valid reason for one to exist and not the other.
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This is a fantastic product and it's so exciting to see the rise of these communities as @lanre_akinyemi mentioned. People of Color alongside other minorities are grossly under-represented in many industries including tech, it's time for a change and Valence is trying to provide it's own solution to this.
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Lol - this is a really weird product to be launching - and 100% racist. If you ain't black you can't sign up? C'mon man - this is 2019 get with the program :)
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@therealrossmac If you knew the statistics behind the bias towards black professionals you would understand why this exists.
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@xstex Then kindly share your statistics. I'm fully aware of unconscious bias, and white privilege. Maybe I'm in no position to comment, what I do know is segregation is a backwards move. There's much better ways to solve the problem than creating a platform exclusively for 'a certain race of people'. 'A certain religion' maybe, but a certain race, c'mon man.
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@therealrossmac "this is a really weird product to be launching" This guy would never say that publicly at an all woman group launch. I don't see anywhere you have to be black to sign up though. i wouldn't agree with that. Where'd you get that impression?
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@therealrossmac No, if you ain't black, you can't sign up. Would you expect to be able to join a female-only group or would you consider that "sexist"? Or is the notion that something is for black people only distasteful to you? There's a reason why these communities exist. Some existing structures, communities and systems are either downright noninclusive at worst or unintentionally shut women and minorities out at best. Therefore, when it comes to these specific groups being able to engage in knowledge exchange, learning from peers or simply finding the support etc, the means to do so can be more difficult. They might, and often do, overwhelming feature one type of people (e.g - white men) whose experiences may differ in significant ways. Frankly, POC, women and other minorities groups have long had the burden of explaining things like this, to people like you, who disparage, belittle or generally disrespect our need for community due to exclusion, which you either wilfully refuse or don't care to acknowledge in the first place. Let's be real: you can do this research, find the stats etc for yourself on experiences of POC, black people in leadership etc, if you were remotely invested in doing that work. If more people like you actually did do the critical thinking for themselves; challenged their biases, took a hard look at how current systems/communities that are filled with a powerful majority can shut others out, then found ways to proactively tackle that (instead of "organically" expecting it to resolve) then maybe there wouldn't be a genuine need for us to create communities and safe spaces like this. But based on this thread, will be a very familiar microcosm of society to many POC, women and other underrepresented groups: those with the privilege to be the "status quo" questioned or challenging the need for a spaces and being put in the position to explain or deliver "proof" for people who are already very represented in many facets of society and can easily find all types of communities that they can be part of without question. People crying if this were about connecting "white professionals" then it would be racist. Take a harder look a professional networks and spaces. You'll find the vast majority of leadership groups are already "white" (and male) leadership groups by default.
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@xstex @therealrossmac "Maybe I'm in no position to comment" - then don't. :)
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So funny that only "white" people saying this is a "racist" product. What's the difference between this one and "black professional" subreddit? Will the subreddit be considered as a racist too? Sometimes white people too much overacts 🤣
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@andrew_cho Yup - some people need ALL the privilege 🤦‍♂️
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@andrew_cho well the excluded group does say it's racist because they are excluded. I feel excluded and would be inclined to say the same. All of this talk of inclusivity going on, yet we exclude others :D