Your personal high-performance computer on the cloud

vagon is a personal high-performance computer on the cloud for creative users. It lets you run all graphics software such as Adobe or Autodesk products from any device, anywhere. Boosts any computer with flexible performance.
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Thanks for the hunt @chrismessina ! Hey Product Hunt Community 👋🏼 🚂 vagon is a personal cloud-computer that is built to help creatives with flexible performance. Architects, CAD designers, video editors, animators, researchers - they all need powerful computers to create things and that’s what we are trying to provide. 🎨 Our goal is to make running graphics software such as Adobe or Autodesk products possible even from a Chromebook or a veteran Macbook Air. 💻 After months and sleepless nights, it’s time to launch our beta. 👩🏽‍💻👨🏻‍💻 More features and native apps will come soon. We’d love to hear your feedback and recommendations to make it better! Through our web app, you can 🚂 create your personal vagon computer, ⚙️ install your software, 📁 sync your files, and use it as you use any other computer. It is not for gaming btw. 🎮 🙃 You can access your vagon anywhere - you only need a decent connection and a computer to use it. 🌎 Best! vagon team P.S: Since we are all going through difficult times, we’d like to give some support to all who need to work remotely by giving away free subscriptions for 2 months. Use this code PRODUCTHUNT when you register. If you have a special case just let us know, we’ll try to do our best. 👍
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@heni_hazbay You have to use your code at registration.
high speed and powerful computer on the cloud. As integrations increase, it will become even more indispensable.
@vehbi_emiroglu1 that's the goal! Thanks.
Vagon is very intuitive and easy to use!
Tears coming down my eyes when I see great executed websites for great ideas and projects. 😌 The user on-boarding journey was flawless, supporting with emails. Also creating my first computer was two steps and all is ready, click run and start working. As a visual designer working multi-disciplinary, I manage high res video productions and create edits, so a monster computer is a necessity which I don't have. Let's see how this relationship evolves. I wish you good luck on your journey folks, I'll be following. 🚀 ps: thank you for the free subscription.
Hi @boraoztunc It's always nice to hear someone appreciate the level of detail it took to create something :) A heartfelt thank you for letting us know! vagon team
I really love love the idea ! Actually , I was wondering why usage of cloud computers has to be so complex. I think you just saw the same problem and get it to business. Congrat and good luck !
@serkanemreelci Thanks for your comments! :)