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I'm not a designer or a developer, but I bought one of this for my kid's room. Works great for their to-do chores list.
@doanhernandez Thanks so much Doan. Yeah the idea came from us being designers, but obviously there are a ton of use cases. Please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can make the product better.
This is awesome! Can you cut a deal on a 15 pack? I'd love to create an app screen flow chart for my upcoming app.
@angelika We'll talk for sure :) Send me an email at ray@uxwhiteboards.com and I'll get you a deal. Thanks for the love.
@raydawg88 is there a board for Nokia 3310 πŸ˜„
@partinder There isn't right now, but if you give me a day I can add it to the product line.
@raydawg88 awesome! Clever product.
@partinder Would you only want the small screen area to be dry erase? Or are you looking for just the shape of the 3310?
@raydawg88 would prefer a dry erase. On another note, wouldn't big phone cutouts(screen Cutout) be better? That way any white board can be converted into a UX board rather than buying a new one.
@partinder The original reason we made this was due to the fact that you can get I'm a groove with your team designing something, and then someone walks up and has your meeting room booked. So you have to take a photo of what you've been working on and then move somewhere and try to recreate that flow you had. With these you just pull the phone off and walk into another room and keep the session going. So you need the phone to be it's own whiteboard.
Ray is also a good designer w/ endless inspiration
@alee thanks man...You make me blush...haha
Have an iPhone 8 yet?
@rueter I can and will make one...I just don't know which design rumor to follow :)
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@rueter @raydawg88 I'll follow you on twitter so you can remind me to buy the iPhone 8 version... :)
@claudesutterlin You got it. I'll have it up the day of the apple presentation. I'll send you over a reminder.
@raydawg88 the one from the HomePod firmware looks promising
@zduboss might be fun to make some random dream concept phone magnets.