Real-time UV-C filtration & sterilization face mask

The anti-pollution, antiviral face mask that filters and purifies the air you breathe from dust, pathogens, and allergens (like pollen & leaf particulates) 100x smaller than a grain of flour. Inactivate 99.99% of all airborne pathogens with active UV-C lights.
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Hey Product Hunters! Boz here, founder of UM Systems and creator of the UVMask. Excited to be here! We began this project 2 years ago, as the next obvious step in UV-C purification tech. We took our UV sterilization experience from industrial and medical settings, and began developing the most powerful real-time active anti-viral UV-C sterilization face mask. In industrial and medical settings, powerful UV-C lights sterilize large spaces over long periods of time. The challenge here was to create a small, portable device that could purify air faster than you can breathe. UVMask’s core tech lies in its Sterile-Vortex. Filtered air is passed through here, where it is purified by 2 proprietary ultra high intensity UV-C LEDs (2x 25,000μW/cm2). With its 2 onboard rechargeable batteries, it can provide active purification for 6 hours. UVMask also features a FFP2 (the equivalent of NIOSH N95) passive air filter capable of filtering particles 100x smaller than a grain of flour. This includes pollution, pollen, and PM0.3 particles. We didn’t expect this current crisis, but we are glad we developed this in time to help as many people as possible get through it. We hope you’ll join us in creating this ground-breaking clean air technology. I’m happy to answer any questions and gather suggestions.
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@boz_zou How often do you need to change the passive filter and how available (& costly) are these?
@lgerbeaux Hi Lucas, How often you change filters depends on how you use your UVMask. See the recommendations below: *Low use (occasional use while going out in public): Change every 2-3 weeks *Medium use (wearing consistently over the course of a week): Change weekly *High use (wearing for multiple hours a day): Change daily for best protection You can get 10 filters pack for $12.
Contemporary products at this time Great work!
You pointed the mask has UV-C, right? I am not the expert here, but i have read it somewhere that UV-C has a negative effect on a human. I believe you have thought about it but would like to hear more.
@foolery Yes it has a UV-C. UVMask has a fully light sealed design so UV light will never leak out from the inner component of sterile-vortex.
@foolery @boz_zou I'm a backer and love this idea. A few questions around the UV-C component however. - Can you go into more details around the security measures you are putting in place to keep the mask "light sealed"? - What testing has the product been through to confirm that this holds up during everyday use? Over time, when dropped or bumped, in high/low temperatures etc. - Will filtration testing and ozone/emissions testing be made publicly available?
@karlnislow Thanks for your support Karl. As for your questions: -UVMask has a fully light-sealed design so UV light will never leak out from the inner component of sterile-vortex. Also, UV-C light is 265 nm is not the same harmful UV as the primary component of sunlight that reaches us on Earth (UV-A and UV-B are dangerous). -Impact tolerance is 1.5M drop test we conducted impact/drop tests as well as temperature tolerance tests in house. -As you know there are a lot of researches referring that UV-C doesn't render ozone. We will consider having a public test.
Obvious question, but does this kill the COVID virus?
@evan_besser Hey Evan, The UVMask breaks down the DNA of all airborne pathogens and purifies the air. And as the virus Covid 19 is one of the pathogens the UV-C light works effectively to destroy it.
All these new masks are awesome but this looks like the coolest one ever
@sneddymobbin Thank you Ryan!