Visual annotated feedback via screenshots for web projects

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Thanks for adding our project :) I am here if you want to ask me/us something.
@bogomep hey! can you tell us more about the story behind usersnap? Why did you start this project? How did you get the idea?
Hey @gregoiregilber, We realized working on a web project can be hard. Collaboration is not always frictionless as people have differences in their communication background and skill sets. That was one of the reason we've created Usersnap: to help all people involved in a web project to be understood We provide visual and annotated "pixel perfect" feedback via screenshots of the current browser content and deliver them directly to the the place where they belong: the bug tracker or the project management tool. But I think the future of the project will be more interested for the community here. Just get a free trial and see what we will have for you in the next couple of months.
What's your support for responsive websites like? A lot of tools like this really struggle with annotaing different breakpoints. If you can nail that you'd have a popular tool on your hands.
Hey @MarkZeman, thanks for the question. No problem at all. We work with the current browser content - the user (team member) can annotate what he/she sees. No problem with using web fonts as well. Our website is responsive and we are building it ...well using Usersnap :) Give it a try!