Userlist is a customer messaging tool that helps you onboard and engage your SaaS users after they sign up for your product. It’s much more efficient than building an in-house solution, and way less complex than Intercom and other enterprise tools.
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Hello everyone 👋 I'm super happy that we are finally out of beta and on ProductHunt today. 🎉 Please don't hesitate to post your questions and comments. We'll be around for the next couple of hours and are more than happy to answer them all!
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Hey everyone, and thanks Charlie for hunting us! It’s been a long journey, and we’re incredibly excited to be here on Product Hunt. We started Userlist in 2017 as an alternative to bulky enterprise software, built it into a focused product, and polished it with the feedback & support of early customers. We believe SaaS founders deserve quality tools that make the startup journey simpler & more enjoyable; we hope that Userlist can become such a tool for you. As a team with @benediktdeicke and @clairesuellen, we promise a warm welcome, personal support & lots of materials to fuel your inspiration 💛
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Thanks @charlieirish for hunting us :) So happy to be going publicly "live" with Userlist today! As @benediktdeicke mentioned above, we're here to help with any questions folks have 👋👋
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I've worked with so many SaaS companies who are stuck using tools with more features than they could ever need or want - so much so that they don't really use the tool at all! Userlist solves all of that (finally!) and provides a well-rounded solution for powerful customer messaging that truly provides connection. The very best part is that customers get the messaging they need, when they need it. No more cookie-cutter onboarding or unneeded emails junking up customer inboxes. Just simple, straight-forward messaging that they need in that moment. Userlist is a BIG DEAL. There's nothing else like it out there (and as a customer messaging pro, I've used them all) and I'm so glad it's finally out of beta and ready for the world to start putting into place.
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@lovevalgeisler Thank you so much Val. Your expert opinion matters a ton to us, and we couldn't have done it without your feedback 💛
Amazing app. Amazing people @clairesuellen @uibreakfast. Loved the UI and functionalities.
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@clairesuellen @aazar_ali_shad Thank you so much for your support Aazar! 🙂
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