A platform of UX tools to understand user and business needs

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 05, 2019

UserBit offers a suite of tools to understand business and user needs. Create interview notes, synthesize data, develop personas, generate sitemaps and other design documents that bring founders, designers, and developers on the same page. All tools on UserBit platform sync in real-time to allow teams to collaborate without missing a beat.

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Hi Product Hunt! I'm Akshay (Shay), founder of UserBit and I'm so excited to finally be able to present it to you. Like me, anyone who has spent some time in the field of UX or product design knows a few hard truths about research and ideation: 🙁It is an organization nightmare - stakeholders, users, affinity diagrams, insights, requirements, personas... 😢Too much manual work involved in setup and planning 😭Research and ideation phase remains neglected when it comes to tooling. (Most tools on the market are focused on creating fancy prototypes) UserBit aims to arm you with a set of practical collaborative tools to understand your user and business needs. It minimizes the time you spend on setup and organization so you can focus on getting from raw data to actionable insights faster! Key Features 👍Take interview notes on a real-time, offline capable editor 👍Synthesize interview notes by highlighting important text and creating affinity diagrams 👍Record actionable insights for each project 👍Create personas based on your findings 👍Plan out your feature/app with visual sitemaps 👍UserBit is entirely cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere 👍Each tool on UserBit syncs in real-time for team collaboration The Story I spent a better part of the last decade working in (and running) UX teams of all sizes. Every team I worked with was looking for a way to make research and ideation faster and more organized. Last year, I finally decided to start working full-time on a solution — UserBit. I got UserBit beta–ready from the ground up solo without any funding. From then on, a constantly growing number of excited beta users has been my fuel. If you want to know more about the journey so far you can read the day-by-day account of building UserBit here - First 100 days of UserBit Road Ahead It has been an incredibly intense few months but we've only just begun. In the coming days, I look forward to growing the UserBit team to deliver a robust set of new features. I especially look forward to your input and feedback to make UserBit serve you better! Thank you I also wanted to thank a few people who were instrumental in helping UserBit get here: - My incredible wife - for her patience and unwavering support - UserBit beta users - for their valuable feedback and enthusiasm - Makers Kitchen - for the sense of camaraderie and encouragement (special shoutout to @aaronoleary for PH guidance)
So excited about this project. @crayonbytes it's been a pleasure seeing you build this out and I'm stoked to see it launch today!
@aaronoleary Thank you so much both for your kind words and for your guidance!
Great tool Shay! Congratulations!
@jorge_dieguez thank you so much! Very excited for the future :)
I can totally see the use case I being a UX designer go through a lot of usability tests and stuff like that! This can be used for having everything together! Great work mate
@iamarnob Thank you! I look forward to you taking UserBit for a spin.
Looks like a great end-to-end solution for full-scale teams! Absolutely love the persona creator & app architecture tool!
@lachlankirkwood thank you so much for checking out UserBit. Looking forward to making the app more robust in the coming days!!