User Onboarding Checklists by Appcues

Scientifically proven to boost activation and retention.


Push users deep into your product with User Onboarding Checklists. Build, design, and target Checklists in minutes, and start increasing user engagement today.

Checklists are effective because they leverage 3 well-researched cognitive biases: bias towards completion, bias towards reward, and bias towards consistency.

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Author of Product-Led Growth

As someone who's entire job is to help SaaS companies convert free trial users into paid customers, checklists are one of my little "hacks" to double conversion rates. To put it simply, if you want to increase your activation rate, start using checklists. :)


10/10 - Well done!


None :)

Director of Offering Management, IBM

Can't wait to see what it does for our conversation rates! Far better than trying to buid this on our own, hoping this will really accelerate the on -boarding across all our products.


very consumable!


needs an internet connection

I make puzzle games for fun

Appcues builds great onboarding tools and I've used appcues flows at my prior company and use checklist at my current one.


Very quick to implement (half a day). The UX is clean and the colors are customizable. I integrated directly but explored using segment.


Need to instrument (or have instrumented) the events to progress checklist. But that is to be expected.