A simple menubar app for tracking your application usage

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Shahab Shabibi — Co-Founder @ Machine Ventures
I have been using another app called "Timing" on Mac. This definitely has a better UI though I wish it tracked Safari/Browser activity per website so I could switch.
@shahab_21 Hi Shahab, Daniel, maker of Timing here. Could you let me know how we could make Timing's UI better for you?
Shahab Shabibi — Co-Founder @ Machine Ventures
@daniel_a_a Hey Daniel! It's just the data presentation seems a bit raw to me. Maybe more visualizations and work on the UI.
@shahab_21 thanks for the info! I'm actually working on that. If you'd like to take a look, drop me a note via and I'll send you the beta :-)
Pravin Kerai — haribol devs
I've been using RescueTime, but this free option looks good! Can this be linked to
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