Automatic time tracking for your Mac

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I've been using Timing for a few months now. I wanted an alternative to RescueTime that would keep the data on my computer. It does the job as intended. I usually check how I've spent my time once a week (usually on the week-end).
Anyone else like it? Is there a free trial offer? I have gotten burned so many times on paid apps.
@eawharton There's definitely a free trial.
I've just reviewed Timing on App Recap - http://apprecap.net/timing-track...
Interesting - I'm a paying customer of RescueTime. Does it have any block features on this app?
@will_lam you mean to block an app or a specific domain? Not that I know of.
@gregoiregilbert well, now that you mention it, both actually. Not sure if that's even possible to block certain mac apps on Mac OSX