Test your designs and mockups on real people

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A very cool idea where the more tests you do, the more you get in return
Very cool idea and nice hook to get guys like me to sign up. I just want to do more click tests! However, would be interested to know if there's a way to segment testers so they better fit a market. Having design snobs like me rate UI elements might not tell the right story.
Love the reciprocity model. +1 on segmenting testers. Would love to see a service like this that applies learnings to help designers ask more meaningful feedback questions in the same way Mailchimp helps people create more meaningful subject lines.
Clever, I like the karma points to get you to sign up - I just didn't want to lose that little effort I put it. A good hook!
just introduced to this site while helping a UX designer friend of mine...the testing is addictive! great use of gamification via karma points to keep you "playing"