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Hi, I'm the Product Manager for Upvoted Weekly (among other things). Alexis and I are happy to answer any questions you might have!
I'm excited about this! Hoping to catch up with things that I don't see on the site :D
@ow Yay! Thanks, Owen. Really trying to focus on things that don't make the default frontpage. Let us know how we're doing each week in the comment thread on http://upvoted.reddit.com
Newsletters are the new apps duh!! ;) very cool to see Reddit do this!
@bramk really i'm just hoping the word "redditorial" catches on.
@alexisohanian and I chatted about email a while back and I found it surprising reddit doesn't send emails at all (until now). For us, it's a huge part of the product and critical to bringing people back to the site. Why incorporate email now, @heathwblack?
@alexisohanian @rrhoover good question. The answer is three-fold. First of all, we know that a lot of people interact with reddit content across the web on a daily basis. They love the content, but don't necessarily understand that concept of reddit itself. This helps us build some context for those two things for new users, reddit lurkers, and folks that just can't spend all day on the site. Secondly, as the site continues to grow, and the amount of content submitted grows with it, finding good content can be incredibly difficult. Discovery is a hard problem to solve, and much of the best content can be found in some of the smallest corners of reddit. A weekly digest gives us the ability to call out those good content creators, no matter where they reside on reddit. Third, since reddit content blows up pretty often, we want to make sure that the creators of that content are given the credit they deserve. Many publishers that use their content don't credit at all and it absolutely pisses our users off. We want reddit users to know that we love them and the creative things they do.
@alexisohanian @heathwblack @rrhoover I'm seriously blown away that nothing like this has existed (even community-created) until now. Great call.
This is very exciting! It's always nice to highlight some of the lesser known and fastest growing subreddits. Many users have a hard time finding subreddits, especially niche subreddits. I worked on a search & ranking solution for this at http://RedditList.com and it grew quite popular. E-mail is going to be huge and I can't wait to see the content. How will you guys find and curate content? If you're interested in curation and subreddit search data that we've indexed from RedditList.com, let me know. We have a TON.
@jesserank this will be entirely human-curated. Throughout the week, our staff is scouring reddit for awesome stories. We compile those and meet once a week to choose what makes the cut. Our fearless leader @alexisohanian is leading the charge.