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Each month we send members 40+ events to pick from. They pick 2 and we send them a pair of complimentary tickets to each one. If you don't pick anything, we send you a pair of movie tickets instead.
Welcome, @martinshen! I should signup simply to encourage myself to be more social. :P cc @ianmendiola What's the coolest event you've promoted in your opinion, Martin?
Thanks @rrhoover (dropping by TradeCraft today)... we've sent Insiders now to over 700 different events. Personal faves: fire dancing, a ninja-esque scavenger hunt, orgasm class and one we're promoting right now.. a LIVE bull run in Alameda.
@martinshen just signed up. fyi, could have sworn the facebook signup went like this: "UpOut wants access. We will never post to your facebook account. [next screen] Upout would like access to post publicly to your facebook account" .. Just kinda weird. Anyway, looking forward to trying it out
Good to see you today, @martinshen. Sorry it was so brief! Just signed up as well. Should have followed through when @liveink invited me several months ago. :)