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What is Forekast?
Forekast is an event board that makes it easy to see the best things happening on any given day. Through a community that collectively shares and votes on all the content, you get a clear visual outline of the most interesting and worthwhile things ha...

Forekast tech stack

We're aware of 2 technologies that Forekast is built with. Forekast utilizes products like Cloudflare, Font Awesome in their tech stack

Recent launches

The Weekly Forekast Newsletter
The Weekly Forekast makes it easy to see what’s going to be trending every week by delivering dozens of events to your inbox every Monday morning.
The Weekly Forekast Newsletter image
Forekast+ makes it effortless to see trending/popular upcoming events by:
1. Placing them directly in your personal calendar.
2. Our newsletter which is a quick and easy rundown of the best upcoming events of each week, delivered to your inbox.
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