Add file upload capabilities to your website or projects in just 1 line of JS code! Supports direct uploading from Facebook, Dropbox, GDrive, via Link, via Image Search, Mic, Camera, Youtube, etc. You can save files directly to your S3 bucket or your Dropbox spaces account. In built image editor so users can edit, resize, apply filters to images.

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While this is my first time seeing this tool and I have not tried implementing it within any web applications, I implemented Dropzone.js within a Rails app recently and that endeavor took many hours to get it just right. Being able to use a pre-built solution for this purpose will be attractive to many product owners I'm sure. Two notes: - Pricing: ~$20/mo seems a bit high for a tool that utilizes your own storage space. With that said, see how your target market responds to the offer and adjust accordingly. (You may want to offer a Product Hunt exclusive discount for the time being.) - Styling: It looks like is using base Bootstrap styling. It would be great if you offered multiple themes/skins with the subscription, or offered users an ability to add custom CSS, so that they can get the tool to match their own web application.
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@codyfitzpatrick Hello Cody! San here (creator of I want to thank you for the comments. Super excited to see this feedback from PH. The price $20 is for month to month payment. For yearly plan it comes down to $9.99. It helps me pay for the server (i still need to host the code for uploader where the POST requests are sent), maintaining the code (bugs and updates), providing support. But you are right it's just initial pricing. Once I have a few more users maybe it will become clearer. You are spot on about the theme. I've added 12 themes to the site just now. Thanks for the suggestion! As for a special offer for PH users. Certainly! Anyone who signups up today (by midnight) will get **50% discount** on yearly plans (doesn't matter when you upgrade as long as your signup date is in next 24 hours). Thanks again so much for your feedback! :) Regards, San
@codyfitzpatrick one more thing.. to try the new theme feature (just click the "Try it live" drop-down menu) and click "Try dark theme". I'm using cloudfront cdn to you may need to clear your cache to see the changes.
While this is a really cool product and one you should consider using especially if the image resizing/cropping is important to you, there are also some free, open source alternatives you should check out. I would recommend testing Uppy by Transloadit ( to see if it meets your needs. They've been in the file upload business for nearly a decade and their libraries are usually pretty elegant, light-weight, and robust.
@panphora Thanks david. Yes, the more options the better :) My priority was to target users who just want to get it done by just pasting one line of javascript. Also I've added multiple integrations from Facebook, Dropbox, GDrive, via Link, via Image Search, Mic, Camera, Youtube, and more are coming. Also added support for S3 and Digitaocean spaces (because it's super cheap compared to S3). Just added theme support (thanks cody!). I will be working on hard on this to make it everything what my users want.
I've been a while ago by studying most of the upload and image processing tools. price) to deploy on my boot Well, I ended up creating a process of my own in PHP * I see that "" do not have the cut rounded. * I already have a list of images, I would like to open it for processing (cut, effects) * Miss documentation I'll track your updates. Good look
Thanks. I don't understand the "cut rounded".. can you please elaborate? I think the list of images is a good idea. I will add that in our software
@bernardocastro Did you also check out ? it is free and can be used as a frontend to your own PHP app. Full disclosure: I'm with the core team of Uppy :)
Great job !! Any Wordpress plugin to use it 😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks ayush. Appreciate the support. I've just added theme support. Wordpress is next. Any particular feature you wish to see in the wordpress plugin? :)
interesting :) so basically it's simpler/cheaper alternative to Filestack?