A complete file infrastructure for web & mobile apps.

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This is my goto when I need to get file uploads setup without any hassle. We've also been using it on a major production SaaS app for about 3 years now with no regrets (not always a given with 3rd party tools). Super responsive team, too!
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@parterburn Thanks for the kind words. As a member of Filestack's Customer Success team, I am especially appreciative that you mentioned our commitment to helping our customers solve problems and use our product.
Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback. Would love to hear more good or bad. A little background on Filestack: over the last four years we’ve evolved from a small YC-backed company to a universal filepicker widget ( to the file and image management platform that currently powers some of the most interesting and fastest growing sites on the web. In fact, we just changed the name from Filepicker to Filestack to better represent the full breadth of our capabilities. In short, and with minimal marketing speak, Filestack provides developers a powerful and simple service for uploading, storing, transforming and delivering files (heavy emphasis on images) across the web - all which can be implemented with two lines of code. Try us out and let me know what you think. We have a free plan or you can reach out for a demo. Feel free to ping me directly: or @patmatthews on twitter. Thanks! Pat
Upload images and files of any kind. Transform them into different styles and formats. Deliver them rapidly and responsively to the world. Your entire file infrastructure—in two lines of code.
We've used this for years and its awesome. It is fully baked into our ScreenCloud Digital Signage app for file uploads and users love it!
Same here, very satisfied with Filestack that we're using since a year now. Good product, good support, good team !
@marcosylvestre Same thing, Marco. We're incredibly proud of our product (tech), but we love when people mention the people behind our company and how serious we take supporting and empowering our customers.