Robust file and image upload, storage & management utility

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@mojololol awesome! Does this work in mobile browsers and native mobile apps?
@chrismessina yup. the web widget is responsive and we have native libs.
@Uploadcare is ideal to upload files and host images for any web or mobile project! See it in action at @Coasterly: http://coasterly.com/products/cr... Also, for @TryGhost bloggers we have recently prepared a ready-to-use image hosting solution: https://ghost.org/forum/plugins/... Here is the video explaining how it works:
We know from our experience that handling uploads is a pain so we have built Uploadcare to help companies focus on their core business and let us handle uploads, storage, management and distribution.
Similar to transloadit.com ?
@digitalbase Transloadit is about file conversions, and is in fact using one of our competitors to handle uploads. While we offer only image processing we pair it with storage and smart CDN: https://uploadcare.com/documenta...
Hi all, Sorry for being late to the party, I only just read this : ) Just wanted to add to this thread that Transloadit (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) does indeed handle file uploads. We don't use any third party vendor for this outside of AWS. The rest of the tech is driven by node-formidable (https://github.com/felixge/node-...), a module that we released in 2010, and is now the industry standard for handling multipart file uploads in the Node.js ecosystem. I'm the first one to admit that UploadCare's browser interface offers a much better experience than Transloadit does today. We're currently working on two other open source projects: https://www.producthunt.com/post... (upload client) and https://www.producthunt.com/post... (resumable upload protocol, servers, and clients), that could help to even things out a little in that regard. Not here to take anything away from UploadCare, it seems your team is doing a great job with the service. And I think our space is big enough that I can permit myself sincere compliments to your team : )
@kvz Thanks :) We're do consider adding tus support to our widget (unless it's license forbid us to)
@mojololol Everything about tus from the clients to servers to the protocol, is MIT licensed, and we actively encourage people to adopt it, even our competitors/peers : ) While tus may be started/funded by Transloadit, it's owned by the community and we have no intention to ever change that. We'll be looking forward to hearing from you folks might you discover something odd!
Awesome product to simplify image processing and speed up image loading time. It is an ease to use @UploadCare.