B2B Contact Data Provider with Real-Time Verified Emails.

UpLead is a B2B Data provider to drive growth. We provide the highest quality, real-time verified B2B Data. Search 50+ criteria to find your ideal prospects and download leads to excel or export to Salesforce.

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They keep spamming me emails with a link to this post without unsubscribe link and without ever signing up for their emails.


Never used


Multiple unsolicited spam emails without unsubscribe link

same here. super annoying.
Just report the emails as spam. Gmail will know what to do next time they try and send unsolicited emails.
@alanhamlett UpLead is complete BS company that scams customers and buying as much positive reviews as the can.
Hey @iamwillcannon I like that you integrate with Salesforce and have a range of pricing options... could you tell us more about the types / size / maturity of companies who could most benefit from this product? Thanks!
@abadesi Thanks for checking out UpLead. We currently have over 25 million contacts within about 2 million companies. All types and sizes from startup to fortune 500 companies. Sales & Marketing professionals really love UpLead. If your looking for high quality data be sure to give UpLead a try.
Great job !! Is there any way to integrate it with hubspot cRm , I would love that definitely. Let me know if you have made it😊 also can we integrate it with LinkedIn to fetch leads. Will it work when we export it to Airtable. Thanks 😊
@ayush_chandra - Direct fetching on LinkedIn not possible. Integrations are on the roadmap for 2018, currently you can export to Excel .csv or Salesforce.
Hey there fellow ProductHunt enthusiasts. A little background on our company: We built UpLead to be the highest quality B2B email data provider on the market. We noticed some of the major data providers only updated email addresses in their database every 30-90 days and on average we saw 70%-80% accurate email addresses. We wanted to build a higher quality B2B data company with real-time verified emails. So we built UpLead.com A little about us: Gathering Data: We search the web by crawling millions of pages to analyze public documents such as news articles, press releases, blogs, social networks and executive profiles. We then use our proprietary algorithms to analyze and categorize all of the data we collect. The data then goes through a testing and validation phase where we weed out incorrect and outdated information. We track and update company and contact changes on a daily basis to keep the data accurate ongoing. In addition we have an overseas team that makes phone calls into accounts to keep information current. So in short we use technology + manual research. Quality: UpLead was built to provide the highest quality email data compared to any other vendor. Here’s how: When you export or download a contact from UpLead we verify the email addresses in real-time. Ensuring that the moment you download a contact or list the emails are 100% accurate and free of hard bounces at the time of download. The other larger vendors in the space (DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo) update their data in cycles such as quarterly or monthly. We guarantee our email data quality and you won’t have any email quality issues with UpLead. Coverage: Currently USA contacts/companies only. We plan do have worldwide coverage within 90 days. Fields: You can filter by 50+ criteria including Industry, Contact Title, Location, Job Function, Management Level, Number of Employees, Sales Volume, Technologies Used and more. All records come with emails and phone numbers. If you want to take a look at the platform you can start a 7-Day free trial at UpLead.com Happy to answer any questions and we would love feedback on how we can make Uplead even better!
Complete Bullshit and scam