A simple way to share and discover interesting events

Upcoming is a simple way to share and discover interesting events from your friends, followers, and the artists and organizations you care about. Add the stuff you're most excited about going to, recommend interesting stuff you find, and follow people with tastes like your own.

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Fourteen years in the making — after an acquisition by Yahoo, followed by its sunsetting years later — Upcoming is finally back, after a successful Kickstarter in 2015. Yes, I'm a little more than nostalgic to see Upcoming return, but this time I'm hopeful that @waxpancake will take the helm of the project, now that his other efforts are behind him, and bring back the central source for all events that are good and holy on the internet. Or if not holy, at least worth attending. It's about time. No, literally. It's an event site. 😁
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@chrismessina Woohooo! I'm so happy Upcoming is back.
@chrismessina Ha! Thanks, Chris.
@waxpancake @chrismessina So sad they got rid of that vintage brown header. Seriously though, the site looks kinda bland.
@waxpancake Is there a plan to also include online events for the platform?
Events by Facebook is my favorite app for discovering events, but it's more for social events within my network. Why isn't there a "Yelp for events" and why have others like Plancast failed in the past? Meetup might be the closest thing but it's more for community organization and I find discovery a mess. I have ideas but curious to hear other peoples' thoughts. cc @waxpancake @loic
@rrhoover I like Nearify a lot.
@rrhoover I also love Do312 and the like. Gravy is a decent resource as well.
Great to see this back - it is easy to join the site and add an event with a Twitter account. A few suggestions for features that would further enhance it are: - the ability to add an event hashtag as people may not be able to attend an event but may follow a hashtag (I just added one to the event description for an event I added) - I liked that as the person adding the event that I could edit the details - being able to edit or delete a comment would be good and also for the person who posts the event to be able to get a notification of comments plus the ability to delete a comment if it is spam - social sharing buttons for an event - the ability to take the embed for the profile page so we can add it to other places to help events be discovered. Good luck @waxpancake as you take this forward - I look forward to being able to discover some great events to attend.
Event Search is not implemented? Excuse me?
I would like to share my app So Montreal, that's a melt between the old "Songza" and discovering events. Althought it's only for MTL city, but I would be happy to extend the app to other cities, if you guys know some people that could be interested in, please let me know ! https://www.somontreal.ca