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Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Fourteen years in the making — after an acquisition by Yahoo, followed by its sunsetting years later — Upcoming is finally back, after a successful Kickstarter in 2015. Yes, I'm a little more than nostalgic to see Upcoming return, but this time I'm hopeful that @waxpancake will take the helm of the project, now that his other efforts are behind him, and brin… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Events by Facebook is my favorite app for discovering events, but it's more for social events within my network. Why isn't there a "Yelp for events" and why have others like Plancast failed in the past? Meetup might be the closest thing but it's more for community organization and I find discovery a mess. I have ideas but curious to hear other peoples' th… See more
Krishna De
@krishnade · Digital strategist and speaker
Great to see this back - it is easy to join the site and add an event with a Twitter account. A few suggestions for features that would further enhance it are: - the ability to add an event hashtag as people may not be able to attend an event but may follow a hashtag (I just added one to the event description for an event I added) - I liked that as the per… See more
Stowe Boyd
@stoweboyd · futurist, researcher, iconclast
Event Search is not implemented? Excuse me?
Ludovic Lcrf
I would like to share my app So Montreal, that's a melt between the old "Songza" and discovering events. Althought it's only for MTL city, but I would be happy to extend the app to other cities, if you guys know some people that could be interested in, please let me know ! https://www.somontreal.ca