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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 30, 2015
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@_UpClose is the new app from the team at Rushmore.fm. In one tap, it lets you start a live broadcast. Yesterday I broadcasted the @betaworks brown bag lunch and it was pretty cool to see 50+ people join in to watch live and make comments. At 3pm EST today, I'm planning to do a live review of some of today's top @producthunt apps with some others from @betaworks. You'll be able to watch it at https://upclose.me/matt
@matthartman Just watched the brown bag lunch video you posted yesterday. Will be tuning in today to see how the live cast works. Whats makes upclose different from ustream,livestream or younow?
@matthartman @kwdinc , livestreaming and ustream are really good streaming service, specially for events, and Upclose is a personal live channel that offers a social environment based on live interactions. Regarding Younow, apart from the positioning, we have some differences, ie: on Upclose you can watch reruns Also we concentrated on a very low latency streaming technology to improve the interactions
My name is Ramón Sastrón and I am the CEO of upclose. In upclose we love live experiences. That moment when you don´t know what´s going to happen and everything is possible, the present, the now. With our app you can broadcast live from your smartphone or the web to all your friends, fans or followers and you can connect, watch and chat with other broadcasters from all over the world in real time. Create your profile, start broadcasting or watching live broadcasts and tell us what you think about the experience. Would love hearing from you
I just broadcasted my first upclose (is that what we're calling it?). Very slick, as described. I'm definitely going to use this more over the next week. 👏, @ramonsastron and team. Other than making livestreaming super fast, why will upclose work where others (and there are many) failed?
@ramonsastron @rrhoover Initially was a little skeptical of what the consumer experience would be, but I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the stream even for non-registered users was pretty good. Makes me seriously consider logging in to see what the better quality experience might be.
@rrhoover @adammarx13 Thanks Adam !! Really appreciated your comment. we just launched less that a month ago after tireless work of our very small team. We are just getting started.!
@rrhoover thanks for your comment ! It’s true that there many live streaming apps that have failed, but some have succeeded. UStream, LiveStream and Twitch to name a few. The thing is that Live Streaming is HARD, and often, very expensive. Doing it right takes care and the experience to be just right. With webRTC and low-latency streaming, we have chosen a path that may be harder to walk on now, but gives us many advantages in the long run. Also, while many other services are trying to sell live streaming as a technology itself. We are are building an experience where live streaming is just one important part. None of us have seen the future, but if we continue to build a stellar experience, I like our chances.
Hi everyone, with @bthdonohue from @instapaper and @paulbz from @playdots. We're doing a live broadcast looking at some @producthunt products https://upclose.me/live/4512 cc @betaworks
We've got 100 people on my Upclose right now. I'm discussing video apps, the creator ecosystem, and doing an AMA as well. https://t.co/MKSO95XmWO We'll also be talking about my article on Upclose http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/30...
@joshconstine Josh, thanks for the this. Really important for the Upclose team