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Just tried it. Worked quite well, we'll see if I stop getting so many emails now :)
Love the way the emails are presented by volume with a time reference for the last email sent. Just tried it out this morning on the way to the office. Think I must have swiped atlas 40 times, hoping to see a nicer inbox in the coming weeks!
I was just asking for this: https://twitter.com/adamsigel/st... Well, here you go:
How long does it take to unsubscribe you? I unsubscribed from a few things, and ~30 minutes later got more emails from those things...
@byosko Good question.. I just got an email from something I unsubscribed to.
@byosko @stttories they seem to batch up all the unsubscribes. I think a couple of hours.
@byosko having worked at/for a few places that do daily newsletters, I'd say a good chunk of them only do daily updates.
Just downloaded it...i have 700 messages that it picked up..everytime i swipe to the left to delete it, a pop-up box appears every single time that says "Quick Start..Swipe left to unsubscribe, swipe right to keep your subscription"
@misteryu1029 are you swiping all the way left?