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Unreadit offers selection of curated weekly newsletters with the best Reddit content on a variety of popular topics — it’s the best way to learn and stay up-to-date on your interests.

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👋 Hello Product Hunt! We are super-happy to launch Unreadit on Product Hunt today. Unreadit is a selection of weekly newsletters that delivers the best of Reddit in your inbox every week. There are newsletters for all tastes: 🙌 Indie Makers: https://unread.it/n/indie-makers ☀️ Self Improvement: https://unread.it/n/self-improve... 💻 Tech: https://unread.it/n/tech 📊 Entrepreneurship: https://unread.it/n/entrepreneur 🖌 Design https://unread.it/n/design These newsletters surface the best content even from smaller subredditts with a custom algorithm we developed. The other piece of the cake is a lot of manual curation that we use to remove irrelevant content and write intros for each newsletter. This is the first project we develop since going full-time on our side-project and it took 2 weeks from start to finish. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the technical side, design, monetization, whatever really.
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I started using Unreadit around a month ago, after meeting with Fabrizio and Francesco. I really love the concept of the site and the design. Can't wait to see how this evolves!


Stopped spending time browsing on Reddit


I like finding the gold comments in a subreddit, and the newsletter only shares posts. I would love if it included some top comments too.

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Clever way to bootstrap a newsletter network. Reminds me of Inside. (cc @jason, @awwstn)
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@jason @awwstn @rrhoover Thanks for the comment. We do feel there’s a lot of potential here, and we’re trying to find the sweet spot between automated content generation and human curation. One of the ideas we’re exploring for example is having a dedicated curator for each topic. Now we’ll keep focusing on listening to feedback and seeing how things evolve from here.
I just subscribed! What inspired this project? I think it could be super useful to someone likes me who doesn't habitually check Reddit (and I prefer to have things delivered in my inbox!), but are you also targeting people who check Reddit every day?
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@taylormajewski Thank you! The main inspiration for this project was the fact that we miss on great Reddit content if we don't go there every day. We are mostly Reddit casual users, so we built this for ourself, to not sink a ton of time in Reddit and still get to see the best of the best for our favorite topics. We have a plan to target also Reddit power users (with custom newsletters), but we are still evaluating if this could make sense. Most Reddit power users just live in their Reddit clients and I don't think they would benefit from an email digest, at least not enough to pay for it!
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I've used Unread it for a a few weeks now and I love the fact that it's saving me lots of time.


No more spending hours in several subreddits. Just one, clean newsletter once a week. Awesome.


Email is quite long now (~25 items). I'd prefer fewer articles.

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