Embeddable email editor and page builder for SaaS and CRMs

Unlayer is a drag-n-drop embeddable email editor and page builder for SaaS or CRMs. It's built to be developer friendly and compatible with all email clients and browsers. Your users will create beautiful mobile-ready emails or landing pages right from your app.

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Hey PH 👋, Adeel here, co-founder of Unlayer. Thanks @hnshah for hunting us! We started Unlayer because we know that creating a solid email editor / page builder is a painfully long process. If you are a SaaS, CRM or a marketing automation tool, it can take months and months to build a reliable email editor that works for all email clients. It's a big distraction and takes away focus from core features that can actually grow the business. We aim to save that time and provide an embeddable editor that takes less than 5 minutes to embed in any web app. It's highly configurable and fully white labeled. We’d love to get your thoughts and feedback. We’ll be around all day answering questions, so feel free to comment here.
One other question.. What happens in the worst case scenario (you go out of business) - will the templates etc still work? With our SaaS app we need to be very careful which 3rd parties we choose to provide key functionality as if they go down, so does part of our app.
@scotty_bowler That's a very good question. There's a few things here. 1) We are being used by some well-sized businesses out there so we're unlikely to go out of business any time soon. 2) If you need additional reassurance, we also offer as an optional feature the ability for you to enter into an escrow agreement where the Unlayer editor software becomes available to you in case we went out of business. There is a yearly fee for entering into an that agreement however.
Do you export code so I can host it on my server?
@vladkorobov Yes, code is exported in JSON and HTML formats. Please check the docs here: https://docs.unlayer.com
Great idea, but what happens to your integration if you stop paying the monthly subscription?
@scotty_bowler The free plan pretty much works for everything. If you choose to upgrade to a premium plan and then downgrade, you only lose the premium features. For example, "Powered by Unlayer" will start to show up.
@adeelraza one thing I don't quite understand with your pricing is collaboration. If you take a look at our platform (https://www.chooseholly.com) we allow unlimited accounts, brands and team members. Does this mean an account will be limited to having 2 team members collaborating or does it mean our entire platform can only have 2 accounts using it?
@scotty_bowler No, your users will be end-users. Unlimited users allowed.
@adeelraza If I'm integrating this into an existing system where the current editor supports HTML, how would the current html translate/look in the new editor?