UnitedMasters for iPhone

Your own record company on your iPhone

UnitedMasters is the easiest way to get your music heard. Download the app and submit your songs to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and every other major music service in minutes.
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Cool looking app! What exactly does UnitedMasters do differently for artists compared to the other offerings? Congrats on the launch @jackk
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@aaronoleary Hi Aaron, Thank you for the comment. A very unique and important component of UnitedMasters product offering is our ability to match UnitedMasters artists with brand opportunities. For example - right now - artist can submit their tracks to the NBA through the UnitedMasters App for a chance to get featured on NBA social channels. This is one example of how we help artists drive streams and new followers. Thank you for checking us out!
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@aaronoleary @ethan_lance what is the right of refusal is it regarding the artist or the submited recordings distributed or is it just for third part opportunities like nba and the 2k submissions?
I saw this several years ago been heavily promoted by Steve Stoute as the solution to owning your own masters and putting the power into the artists hands and also how this would be competition for labels, I'm curious to hear from the team how this plans to still tackle those things and actually how it helps artist grow and why now? (spotify recently closed their artist thing) and lastly what's the split ?
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@edisonjoao6871 Hi Edison, Thanks for your question. We still believe artists can/should be able to grow their careers without giving up ownership of their works. We’re tackling this by building a suite of offerings to help artists engage existing fans and acquire new ones. These include: digital distribution to all major platforms (our revenue share is 10% on distributed tracks), actionable data/insights, self-serve marketing tools to promote releases, upcoming shows, videos, as well as a growing list of opportunities to work with brand partners like the NBA, AT&T, Bose, and more. Thanks!