LED light bar for content creators

UniColor is a portable multicolor light source with 8h usb chargable battery, hybrid control system remote (RF) + phone app in a waterproof case.

This LED light bar aimed at YouTubers, Instagram users, photographers and any other content creators that want to achieve professional, colored lighting on a budget.

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Hey @alex_tyshchenko, What's been your favorite way to use this? At a show?
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Hi @jacqvon , yes at any kind of performance. Also art installation, coz UniColors can be combined in almost any shape . Really I want to take 0.5m UniColor to music festival, I think its useful there , take a picture , find your friends , light up surrounding and of course use as a part of image .
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@jacqvon @alex_tyshchenko Yeah lol when I saw this I instantly thought music festival. I think you'd have a lot of success marketing to that scene.
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@jacqvon @codymclain How about also add the hat to this pack? And shoes for shoe lovers. I think if I will search "led jacket" in google I will find it :) and pants, socks...cool. With new technology - micro-LED, OLED etc. it will be impressive. Good for the advertising and fashion market. Cody, EDC is a good idea! It's can be possible, in this way we can help each other:)
Great job !! 😊 Unique concept !!
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@ayush_chandra Thanks! Maybe not so unique how optimized. Light bar max durable with top light characteristics. Simple in use, compatible with standard accessories, simple in customization. Make umbrella, mic stand, connect with drone etc. https://imgur.com/HcKqj0q https://imgur.com/5YO8Yuz https://imgur.com/bmb76ky
I think its brilliant and will place order if both versions and project diagrams and pictures and shipping will take place in May or early june
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@bharat_shah thanks that you found UniColor useful! With new upgrade of the control system, official shipping moved to the middle of the June, all users will have the last version of the UniColor.
@alex_tyshchenko Can i place pledge for two units of $300 units and just incur 1 shipping charge? Have also sent you email on your website. Let me know Shame indiegogo does not let non backers to post comments.
@alex_tyshchenko I presume last version includes your update of 24/4/18? Let me know/
@bharat_shah Yes, you are right update from 24/14/18