Unhoard 2.0

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Hi all, A couple of months ago we launched Unhoard, a tool to rediscover all the things you saved in your Pocket. Recently we've launched Unhoard 2.0 in which we moved away a little from our focus on Pocket. We now help you rediscover the things you saved, liked or favorited from various services. Every week you get a personal newsletter from your collection. Seeing what you collected earlier inspires new ideas or helps to take action on ideas from the past. For Unhoard 2.0 we've added more integrations, enabling you to unhoard from various services like Instapaper, Evernote, Dribbble, Urban Dictionary, Pocket and of course Product Hunt! 😻. We hope it helps you rediscover things you loved in the past and would love to hear what you think of Unhoard.
@dennispassway I don't read email anymore. Any chance you could make a Messenger bot that serves the same purpose?
@chrismessina Now that is a very interesting! How would it communicate with you? Would it send you things every morning or randomly throughout the day?
@dennispassway you would just change the notification channel from email to Messenger. This is how I get my TechCrunch and Nuzzel news now. I've given up on my email inbox. Just send me a carousel with 5 items that I should rediscover once a day or every other day! :)
Good stuff @dennispassway! I previously built an app to rediscover Twitter Favorites (unreleased) and PH Boomerang to keep tabs on products and how they evolve. Nice to see a service that handles multiple platforms. I hope to see Twitter Favorites added soon 😁
@chadwhitaker Thanks a lot! A shame that Twitter fav's was not released and I noticed PH boomerang. I love the flow you had there for signing up, we might steal some of that if you don't mind ;) Twitter favorites is also on our list so will be there soon!
@dennispassway Feel free to borrow whatever you think would provide the best UX 😁 Happy to see Twitter favs are on the way. A couple of more pieces of quick feedback: - Try sending an email immediately after account setup. Even if it's not my selected day of the week, I would like to see the value of Unhoard before I potential forget what the service does. - You should think about removing your monthly paid tier. If I received a charge each month, I would have 12 opportunities a year to think about canceling. One yearly charge (especially so cheap) is easy to look past. - Show the local currency for that user. Seeing € is too unfamiliar, and I'm unlikely to do the conversion - a requirement before I buy. Best of luck! I look forward to my first message tomorrow!
@chadwhitaker That's great feedback. We will consider those. Thanks for your thorough advice!