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Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
This is a cool idea... Im sure we are all guilty of adding things to Pocket and they end up getting buried. Although Im guilty of ignoring emails with articles to read unless I'm caught in the moment of 'ready to read stuff'. Maybe I need some hitman to turn up at my house once a week and remind me.

This is a functionality I want to add to my bot as you can add things to Pocket that way but always good to have that nudge to make sure you read/listen to what you saved. So I like this :)

PocketRocket is similar - sends you a daily email of an article in your Pocket

You can also be reminded daily of a previously upvoted product on PH
Stefan Wirth — Co-founder & CTO, Hater
@bentossell would you interested in my new hitman as a service platform?
Dennis Passway — I make things.
@nafetswirth @bentossell We'll add the hitman to the feature list. Could get pricey tho' 😸
Erdem Inanc — Maker
cool idea for pocket users. my pocket is full of unread important things. thanks. @mishaheesakkers
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