Nutrition advice based on blood sugar data

#3 Product of the DayApril 08, 2019
An app that combines data from CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) sensor with meal photos to help you understand your personal blood sugar patterns, and learn which meals are safe and unsafe for you. For people with diabetes and anyone who wears CGM.
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Hi PH, Some of you may have already heard of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors, or even tried them. CGM sensor is a small wearable patch-like sensor, which monitors your blood sugar level 24/7 and sends the data on your smartphone. The technology is now being rapidly adopted by the people with diabetes (>400M in the world). But we might all start using CGM very soon, because it can give us very accurate insights about how our bodies handle all kinds of food. Much more accurate and individual than popular diets and calorie counting. We’re building Undermyfork app to bring those insights to the people living with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or struggling with weight loss and diets, or simply curious to get a whole new perspective on their health and nutrition. Here’s how it works: 1) Whenever you eat something you should take a picture of that meal. 2) Your CGM sensor readings sync to Undermyfork. 3) Undermyfork analyzes both data streams: your meals and your blood sugar levels context (how quickly it spikes or falls, how high or low it gets). 4) Then Undermyfork marks each meal pic with a safety range label: green, amber, or red. The color tells you which meals were risky for you and helps you understand what food you better avoid. When you go for a box of donuts or have a full course meal at a fast food chain, you don’t need an app to know those meals are not safe for you. But the surprising part is that our bodies may handle differently the very basic food, like a banana, or a greek yogurt (especially when you didn’t read the label, and took the one with added sugar). Seeing the immediate response to every meal on your blood sugar curve could be pretty much a revelation. To add some magic on to our photo analysis process we also use Clarifai API. Compatibility: Undermyfork beta is only available on iPhones, and uses Apple Health to sync CGM readings. So to make the most use of Undermyfork, you will need a compatible CGM: Dexcom G4, G5, G6 sensor, or Freestyle Libre sensor with a MiaoMiao or BlueCon reader. Make sure to enable Apple Health sync both on Undermyfork and CGM reading app. Then go eat something and tell us what you think. And many thanks to @marckohlbrugge for hunting us.
@marckohlbrugge @ya_mike This looks really interesting. I'm a T1D and looking to improve my health but I'm awful at tracking food intake and carb-counting so be interesting to see if this helps. :)
@wolfiezero Neil, thank you! Carb-tracking is time-consuming and complicated process even for well-motivated people, that's why we are trying a different approach. Do you use CGM (and what model)? We are gathering small test group now to improve the app, and your input could be really valuable. Do you have time to test the app and answer on some of our questions? I'd be glad to talk more.
@marckohlbrugge @ya_mike Good to know it's not just me that struggles! I've not got a CGM yet (on the waiting list for the Libre); I'm currently using the Accu-Chek Mobile. But I'm more than happy to help any way I can.
@marckohlbrugge @wolfiezero Great! Sent a private message to you.
@ya_mike looking forward for an android version
Love to see apps like this, those that push the envelope when it comes to health and food from working in the food industry for a long time, it was easy to forget how much food has an effect on our bodies especially when we excuse it for the taste alone. I'll definitely be using this both when I'm cooking and eating out. Do you have a roadmap of features coming? Would love to hear how you plan to expand on this idea more @ya_mike
@aaronoleary Thank you for the kind words. The features we foresee in nearest months are: * adding your meals with text & voice (we have our own NLU engine for foods and drinks from our previous product Forksy) , * tracking insulin & activity data * Android app * integrations with CGMs The big target though is to be able not only to explain your past blood sugar data, but also to predict your future blood glucose response on a particular meal depending on your data. But we have a long way to go before that.
@ya_mike They are some great ideas! Nice to see you have your own NLU engine, makes it almost limitless compared to using libraries. I think tracking insulin if it could be made very accurate would increase the value of something like 10 fold. It's odd the world of food and medical hasn't connected as much as it should in the tech industry but this makes me very excited for exactly that future
@mubashariqbal what are your thoughts on this?
@ya_mike wow, Undermyfork looks useful! Would you like to have an interview about it at StartupRadius.com? Ping me at paul@startupradius.com if interested
@paul_shuteyev thank you! just messaged you.
Looks like a really good idea, especially for those who just started monitoring their blood sugar. And gives us a legal excuse to take pictures of our meals haha
@shepovalovdenis Right! Plus, a pitching opportunity whenever I'm eating out 😄