А chat bot for tracking calories and eating healthy

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Hi Hunters, About 2 billion people are overweight, but many are ready for a change. Eating healthy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it requires a number of steps—the first of which is starting a food diary. While many food-logging tools are already on the market, most are either too complicated or boring for the average individual (not an athlete, not a quantified-self geek). That’s why we created Forksy — a chat bot that keeps a food diary, tracks calories, and provides basic nutritional tips based on your eating habits. We wanted to make the food logging process simpler, more engaging, and more informative for ordinary users, like us. WHAT FORKSY CAN DO: 1) She counts calories. Tell Forksy what you eat and drink (in natural language, like, “I just had a burger and a can of coke”) and she will calculate the calories in your meal. 2) She comments on your meals. She is upset when you eat something unhealthy and offers helpful nutritional tips. 3) She has a simple web app for keeping a food diary. 4) She can sometimes guess what you ate just by looking at a photo of your food (an experimental feature). 5) You can share your Forksy diary with a friend or professional and enable them to comment on your eating choices and influence your eating habits instantly Forksy is available on FB Messenger, Telegram, and Kik — just search @forksybot on either of them or go to She is currently only available in English. Like many other chat bots, our current product is in its early stages. We understand that existing food logging apps are now far ahead of us in terms of calorie tracking, precision, and various interface features. However, we aim to close this gap and to attract those who were previously confused by food logging apps and their complexity. Many thanks to @ddumik for posting us.
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@ya_mike @forksybot interesting concept. will give it a try, will share my experience later
Hey PH community, Check out the newly launched product from my friends – calorie tracking bot for major messaging platforms. I think it's a pretty interesting use case for bots, since friction of opening an app is something that stops a lot of people from filling in data about their diet.
Great job! Finally a useful bot for those who want to to lead healthy lifestyle but don't know where to start.
@riquea Thank you Victoria! These quite normal people were our target.
- I've just eat pizza at night - ✓ Pizza, 1 slice - 285 calories. Great, I got it How to tell her that I ate an ENTIRE pizza? :)
@stepah tell that you ate eight slices? :)
@stepah You can edit serving size after you send your meal to Forksy. Just go to your food diary, select the meal and change the serving size :-)
Guys, just curious - What is under the hood? Which database do you use and handle all the input?
@stepah Great question, Stepan! 1) We use the Nutritionix food database and API to count calories 2) We are experimenting with Clarifai’s image recognition API 3) We use for managing some of Forksy’s dialogs 4) Our own machine learning / NLU / conversation management algorithms
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