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15 minute, 5 ingredient simple meal plans (Paleo, Keto, AIP)

#5 Product of the DayApril 11, 2020
Simple, delicious meal plans for busy people. Specially crafted to take less than 15 minutes to make and use just 5 ingredients, so you can save time & money and reach your health goals. Paleo, keto, aip, banting, low carb, & clean plans available.
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Founder here! There’s a long story with Ultimate Meal Plans. We started by offering paleo meal plans. Last year we added Keto Meal Plans and this year we re-launched as Ultimate Meal Plans offering all types of real food meal plans. The plans trend towards low-carb, real food where people want to cook at home. Each recipe was especially crafted for this to be made in under 15 minutes with less than 5 ingredients - so you don’t have to go to the ends of the earth for ingredients or spend hours in the kitchen. With our meal planner you can 1. You can customize your meal plans (remove foods for picky eaters/allergies, change the number of people each plan serves, etc). 2. Get that customized meal plan in seconds (you can shuffle it once/week if you don’t like the first one). 3. Then you can view recipes & shopping list or 1-click checkout online with online grocery delivery (with Amazon Fresh and Instacart integrations). A rough survey of our customers has them saving ~2 hours every week on meal planning/shopping and $50+ on groceries/week. Currently, our top 3 plans are * Keto - http://ultimatemealplans.com/die... * AIP (autoimmune protocol) - http://ultimatemealplans.com/die... * Paleo Meal Plans - http://ultimatemealplans.com/die... We added general low carb plans as well as “clean” plans - which aren’t diet specific, but trend towards lower-carb, real food meals for people who want the meal planning capabilities but are diet agnostic. With everyone staying home as of late, we’ve seen an uptick in interest, so we wanted to make this as accessible as possible. For Product Hunters, you can use the code COOKATHOME to save 50% on all plans. Would love to hear any thoughts, questions, or feedback you have. Thanks!
@joelrunyon Hi Joel, First of all, congratulation on the release. I am documenting journey of individuals who are innovating, inventing, and creating things in general, through out the world. The proposal is to do a short interview, capture it in video, and let it out to the world, so that others can get inspiration. And, at the same time you and your team will get acknowledgement for the hustle. If you are interested, please reach out to me at tellmeaboutit510{at}gmail.com . Thanks, and good luck! Subodh
Picked up the monthly clean eating plan for my wife and I a few days ago and have already made a few of the meals, not only are they easy to make, they taste great too. For someone who HATES cooking at home, the quarantine life hasn't been too kind to me, but so far the plans have definitely been helpful. Best yet, wife is excited I'm finally starting to kick my diet into gear after a long hiatus of healthy eating. Instructions are easy to follow, and the entire design of the site + meal plans are incredibly well done. Def a thumbs up from me if you're looking to cook healthier meals.
@aboundlessworld Hi Bud! I'm so glad you and your wife have found these helpful so far. We're stoked to have you in the Ultimate Meal Plans community! Please let us know if you have any questions or ned any help moving forward. - Chelsea
@aboundlessworld Thanks Bud! Glad you're enjoying the meal plans!
Hi there! I'm the Nutritionist and Editor at Ultimate Meal Plans. This product has been a passion project for me and Joel since we first started working together in 2016. We've seen it through many iterations, but this latest version is what we've been dreaming of offering for four years. Not only can you choose from a variety of diets (paleo, keto, AIP, clean, etc), but you can also customize your plan to your liking (excluding foods you may not like or adjusting the serving size if you're sharing the plan with your family) and online grocery shop through services like Amazon Fresh and Thrive Market. Not to mention, as the in-house Nutritionist, I'm always available to support you along the way. Our goal with Ultimate Meal Plans is to make healthy eating as simple, delicious, and accessible for as many people as possible. I would love to answer any questions or hear any feedback you may have! Thank you, Chelsea
@chelsea_brinegar The in-house nutritionist is awesome!
For someone who hate cooking at home 😡
@osamahassan awesome - let me know if you have any questions - would love to have you get started!
I also figured this is a good time to let Product Hunt know about my 4 launches in 4 weeks challenge. I'm using the quarantine to try to ship a bunch of things that have been almost finished for quite a while. I'll be launching 4 projects over the next 4 weeks. I wrote about this project here if you want to take a look - https://impossiblehq.com/4-launc...