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Hey guys, Chris from UI8 here. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the site or our products. We really enjoy crafting digital assets for designers like us and UI8 is basically our labor of love. We recently launched our new version of the site, with features like a downloads section and a great bundle that includes all our products at a deep discount. Thanks again for the post Eric, and I hope you all enjoy our site!
@chrisslowik Hey Eric, great site! Designer at Product Hunt here. Did you notice that your icons are used here?
@Jonnotie haha no i didn't notice. awesome!
@Jonnotie Yeah. They have awesome designs. That's really cool that you guys use their icons.
@chrisslowik No problem. Next time on the market, I'll be purchasing from you guys.
I especially like UNLIMITED PASS which now includes 292+ products. Gosh..

Love this platform. I don't have the design skills to bring my visions to life. But it definitely helps me give my ideas a good look.


Relevant design templates.


Not enough variety.

Was a seller here, after i wasn't happy with the amount of sales generated i asked to cancel my account, which happend. I emailed several times to payout my sales balance that was open before closing the account, but the "customer service" keeps acting they didn't receive my mail on payments@ui8.net I dont really care about the money anymore at this point, but after you stop partnering with there service they keep your money.
To Whom It May Concern, since I have not heard from them over the last two weeks even If I sent them several emails I have no other option but raise awareness of their poor customer services. Their products are not as advertised. I payed also for a product that I didn't buy. Beware.