Ucraft is an easy tool which lets you build your own website or online store by yourself, without any coding experience.

Use pre-defined templates to create a well-designed webpage for your business πŸš€

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Main advantages / added value when compared with the well established Wordpress , Wix , etc ?
@bernardamus I like that it's designed in a structured way, e.g. it has a drag and drop editor, but you cannot put an element anywhere you'd like as Ucraft keeps the website's design consistent and as a result, the mobile view is also automatically adjusted. This is not the case in WIX. I also like that it literally guides you through website creating process, with the progress bar on the left. Very user-friendly for non-technical users.
I've used Ucraft several times in the past and this tool is a really good and easy to use CMS solution for people to quickly get their website online without coding knowledge. PROS: They fully support all options to have the latest technology website from SSL, SEO options, Integrations, Blogging, CRM, etc... Pricing is affordable. Support is awesome. CONS: There were some minor issues in the past regarding UX, but support is really responsive and they fix and improve constantly.
@slnet Fully agree. Really nice software for non-technical people, with affordable pricing. I think another thing which could be improved is the speed of the app, sometimes dragging and dropping elements could be smoother...
Great execution, but I'd maybe change saying that hosting is "free" and instead that it's included in the price.. As it's a paid for service it's not technically free
@scotty_bowler ahh so it was a teaser then! I thought there was a FREE plan with free hosting :)
@scotty_bowler @bernardamus If I understand correctly, you get a free hosting for 1 landing page only if you use a free plan.
I've been using Ucraft for quite a while and I must say that it is really a very good and easy-to-use website builder with awesome features. I am a coding noob, so Ucraft's drag&drop feature was perfect for me. The choice of templates is very wide and I must mention the professional guys behind the tool that have a very friendly approach. PROS: good UI/UX, affordable pricing, good choice of tools, great support CONS: None for now, however I am expecting even more improvements in the future
Great job !! 😊