Split Uber fares w/ other passengers along the same route

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Snir KodeshCEO, Hitch
We're definitely following it closely, @rrhoover. It's interesting to see Uber do this, as it’s a huge shift from “everybody's private driver.” We've been focusing on the social interactions from the get-go, and I think that, in particular, is new for Uber. We'll see if they can execute well on that, since they've seemed to steer clear away from it until now.
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Curious to hear what @snirkodesh from carpooling/logistics startup, Hitch, a thinks about this.
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Nikunj Kothari
Senior PM, Opendoor
I know this isn't considered a new product, but it's still very exciting to see Uber try this new social experiment. Before Uber, I used to ask people at the taxi stand at the airport if they are going to a similar area of the city and ask to split fares with them.
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Owen Williams
Building re:Charged.
Wow, people are quick around here. I think this is a huge move for Uber, especially against Lyft. Just driving prices down.
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Seth Berman
Sr Director Performance Marketing, Adobe
This could pair well with Uber for Business. I've heard a Salesforce employee request this feature on behalf of the hundreds of Salesforce employees that commute from Marina to Financial District daily. Chariot is doing this route with buses already. Salesforce also happens to be one of the first companies signed up with Uber for Business. Uber has the ability to replicate something like Google buses but for companies and employees within the city, paid for by employees, and with the convenience and low cost of a semi-private ride.