Rides for members of the senior and disability communities

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This is a great program that should exist — very smart (and possibly designed to defray ADA lawsuits, but let's not be too cynical): The program is designed to help riders who need additional support during their travel and enough room in the car for strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs. Uber says drivers who respond to Assist requests have been trained by the Open Doors Organization, a group devoted to helping businesses accommodate employees with special needs.
@chrismessina assuming all good things, this is an amazing service
@chrismessina hopefully this means UberASSIST drivers will be trained on how to handle service dogs. Far too many stories about service and guide dogs being denied access along with their visually and hearing impaired handlers.
This is such a needed service. People with disabilities need to be assisted into vehicles but also require drivers to interact in the proper way from an emotional standpoint (read, respect - consideration - dignity). It is extremely hurtful and irritating to see too often taxi drivers being in a hurry or impatient when dealing with seniors or people that need an extra hand. Way to go Uber for choosing an organization like http://opendoorsnfp.org/
This is great, and much needed (i've heard too many horror stories about Uber + people with disabilities). Now can we please get UberPet so I can take my dog places in NYC?
Thanks for sharing!
I wonder what Uber's profit margin on this will be - given that the service will cost as much as UberX..