Uber Ride Request Widget

Embed the Uber experience in your app in a few lines code

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Previously, to integrate Uber into your app you had to either use Deep Links to hand off to the Uber app or create your own experience around the stages of the ride (waiting, pickup, dropoff, etc). With the Ride Request Widget, you can embed the entire experience directly into your app with just a few lines of code. Seriously, this is how easy it is:
We've taken special care to make sure this works well around the world, especially in places where connectivity may not that reliable. If you have feedback or questions, let us know here!
@chrismessina very cool! how does authentication work?
@gregcohn @chrismessina OAuth of course :)
Pretty cool seamless integration of uber service
This is awesome! Why write the SDK in Swift, though? Including any Swift code in an app causes the entire Swift runtime to be included in the app (which makes it larger and slower to download), so this is a tough pill to swallow for those of us who haven't adopted Swift yet. On the other hand, Objective-C APIs can be used from Swift just fine without any runtime cost.
@arix Totally reasonable question. The team wanted to use the latest technology so chose Swift for the SDK. It's open source, though, so we welcome people to clone and port!
Very nice! Curious as to how many people using the @button integration will consider moving over
@dpiz @button no need to move, Button could implement this. The Button button is far more sophisticated (the button part) and gives you great stats on the back end