Uber Ride Request Button

Tap a button. Get a ride. From every app

Imagine every app that has an address in it adding a Ride Request button. That's huge distribution for Uber, and a good experience for app users... Further, this is interesting because it's an example of an API that really makes the most sense in a mobile app, where the user's location data is available. Of course, there are SDKs like Fabric that are targeted at mobile apps, but this kind of feature is unique to the mobile context. It'll be interesting to see how the Uber platform continues to evolve and provide points of integration for third party devs.
What a great idea. In addition to what @afhill said, think this is the beginning of a BIG trend. Eventually all apps will be integrated one way or another. @_btsta @oplante ThingThing keyboard is one of the pioneers in this as well- giving users the ability to access their most used apps apps in other apps. Don't think "Even Deeper Linking" is the right term, but this is a beginning of a trend. @chrismessina @bestebreurtje @chrissaad
What a great product! At @thingthingapp, I confirm we're working hard on making your life easier and this will help us a lot! Thanks @chrismessina and @prokotasic for sharing!
The question is "Why" would an app/service do that? Are there kickbacks for these apps? I get it that new users gain affiliate $$.
@blendahtom The 'why' is that it offers a differentiated/great experience for your users. Also the Affiliate $ you mention is the 'kick back'. The money goes to the App Developer, not the user.
@chrissaad @blendahtom I find them obnoxious because I use Lyft, and never Uber. Hope Lyft pushes this out, too, to make the experience good for all users, not just Uber users.
@chrissaad @blendahtom so the only problem I see with saying "this offers a differentiated experience" is ... don't you want EVERY app to integrate this? At which point it's not differentiation. That's awesome for you if it happens, but if your value prop is differentiation, that may be a hard sell without some sort of exclusivity or something baked in. Does that make sense?
@afhill like any feature - if you do it early it's differentiated. If you do it late it becomes table stakes.
Cool. Any chance this is powered by @button ?
Well done. Keep up the great work, @ChrisSaad + team.👏