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Wow, Uber's moving fast. They could almost sustain an "Uber Hunt" featuring all their product launches.
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I'll be interested to see how Uber handles so many new options/channels via a single app - or among multiple apps. This is where their API, especially via chat apps, gets interesting. Instead of many apps, I'd like a chat app for services allowing me to order all of these in a threaded, searchable interface. Single profile with payment, addresses, and preferences.
@rstephens they'll unbundle too. probably a separate logistics app that localizes to what's available in your city
Just wrote a blog post about this - would love to hear feedback from fellow PH folks :) https://medium.com/lets-make-thi...
@nbashaw totally agree about moving this to a standalone app *eventually*, but I do think this was the best way to get the concept to market quickly and validate it. Two main reasons: -The Uber client already supports product delivery outside of transportation (i.e. Uber Ice Cream), and doing so for a limited time. Launching a standalone would be more resource intensive at this phase. -They can surface the test to a specific region, whereas a standalone open to anyone would receive negative feedback from those outside of the test region. Once all the kinks are worked out (and if it proves successful by whatever metrics they're using), then yes, I agree it makes sense to separate the concept for the reasons you mention. In any case, I live in Santa Monica so will be giving this a try tomorrow :) . Looks like the delivery premium is about $3 based on local prices of the lunch options.
@nbashaw This is an experiment that needs sample to measure. The Uber app has a large install base and has the ability to only show localized offerings. Any new app would have to get large distribution and would have to be localized somehow. It makes sense, as @msarlitt said, that it be a standalone app eventually with it's own sub-brand. But as a test, the best framework is to host this within the existing app.
Looks like they're enabling each city to create their own logistics project that goes beyond what Uber has been the last few years. Groceries in DC, Sprig clone in LA, etc. I love logistics so this is really cool to me
the speed of their product innovation is nutty.