Uber Driver API

A new API for developers to make driving more rewarding

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Today we're introducing the Driver API, to enable third party developers to make driver's experience more enjoyable and rewarding. From TechCrunch (they said it so well): The Driver API will make drive profile data, trip, earnings and other info available to developers for the purpose of creating apps tailored to enhancing or complementing the Uber driver experience. It’s also exposing Driver Ratings data, which Uber says can be useful as a kind of reputation metric to “bootstrap trust” for new services, or to act as a measure that can drive rewards. We've worked closely with our five launch partners to demonstrate the kinds of apps can be built with this new API: Jobcase, Sears, Sherapshare, Stride, and Activehours. The API is currently available in limited access while we ramp up and explore the kinds of awesome ideas the community has for this API. If you've got something in mind, you can apply for access on our developer site. @ChrisSaad and I will be around to answer questions and comments!
@chrismessina @chrissaad awesome news! It'll really help apps like mine: http://www.thegigsaloon.com bring more transparency/information to share with other potential drivers. Thanks!
@chrismessina @chrissaad Awesome working on an Uber client myself! Can't wait to share it with you guys.
Excited to be able to share this with everyone!
hey this is pretty good, about your API docs - do you use any of the many doc tools for API or is it custom made by Uber for Uber ? If so, why did you decide to write your own?
@orliesaurus We decided to write our own because the few tools we tried out just couldn't quite do everything we wanted the way we wanted. The Dev Advocacy team is doing a great job of building and maintaining the code base.
Well done! I've just put through an access request.