UBER Christmas Tree Delivery

On-demand Christmas trees for only £10 (UK only)

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From a Business Insider Article: "The ride-hailing app is running a Christmas tree delivery service on Saturday, the company announced on Thursday, in 14 UK cities. For £10, Uber users will be able to order a five-foot Nordman Fir tree. The trees are being supplied by Pines and Needles, a Christmas tree company. The temporary TREES service will be available in London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, and other British cities. Similar schemes are taking place in other European countries including France, Portugal, and the Netherlands."
Uber has just justified its $60B+ valuation for me.
@nikitakorotaev Was it £10 for the delivery AND the tree!?
@nikitakorotaev aaghhh, i would've definitely done this if i'd been home for the right hours!
I haven't got a tree for my flat... would be really tempted to do this. BUT Cardiff = 🙅
Cool then if you do Uber Pool you can share with a tree !
Oh my goodness, someone at Uber needs to get this going in the US... I am happy to have multiple trees in my place. The more the merrier!