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Uber's latest venture, book a bus

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Similar to Uber’s Express Pool service, when riders request a ride, Uber Bus will find other passengers traveling in the same direction. Because they’re shared rides, the cost is much lower. Once you get to the minibus, passengers use a QR code to check in and they can pay using cash.

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Ina Yosun Chang
Ina Yosun Chang@yosun · Hacker In Resident, AReality3D
Is this in the US yet
Mahmood Mustapha
Mahmood Mustapha@mahmood_mustaph · Impact Entrepreneur & Innovation Leader
@yosun Not at the moment, and I believe from contemporary experience developing nations such as Egypt have long used shared buses normally (14 - 18 seaters seat capacity) over the years, the Uber platform will just make it more convenient for passengers to book for their seat ahead of time and possible be picked up, against the norm which is to go to the nearest bus station and board a ride.
David Obisesan
David Obisesan@mcmilez · Entrepreneur
This is a smart move by Uber and we hope this stand the test of time.
Logan Boyd
Logan Boyd@mastemine · Graphic Designer and Photographer
Exciting. Will be interesting to see if they implement something like this in the US as well.
Ana Navio
Ana Navio@navseran · EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN
I like UBER!!!!!! I use UBER!!!!! Please, let me choose the way I want to travel!!!