Uber Beacon

A light to find your Uber easily

Uber Beacon is a new light-up windshield icon that glows in a color chosen by riders in the Uber app. Beacon’s color-matching technology makes it easier—and faster—for riders to find their drivers, especially at night and in crowded areas.

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I think Uber needs a moral beacon more than anything.
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Uber Instagramming Lyft.
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@brockgazure and we know the winner...
Hmm quite interesting! Its quite a hassle to keep looking for the number plate and esp in the crowded places. Wonder the fun when multiple Uber guys might use the same beacon colors. BTW, the link is broken [ beacon.uber.com or even https://www.uber.com/en-IN/beacon/ ]
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@virrindra1 this link should work as it is for the US region: https://www.uber.com/en-US/beacon/
With so many products fighting for space on the windshield and the dashboard of a car, soon we will need cable management for wires inside cars. Excellent idea. Execution could have been better.
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Without looking at the pictures I thought this was going to be an augmented reality feature in finding your uber. Somewhat disappointed.
@nyjetlife Yes, with in the app they could have very easily used Google street view and show the actual car popping up with make, color and distance.