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Typito is a web based drag-and-drop tool to create engaging videos with beautiful typography, images and brand layouts.

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[Update] The response we've got from PH has been overwhelming! Thanks a ton for all the support :-). In response to feedback given by most users, we've introduced monthly pricing plans on Typito - you can check them out here - https://typito.com/pricing. Cheers! Hey! Matt from Typito here. We are pretty excited about sharing Typito with the Product Hunt community! :-) We are a small team of filmmakers and engineers who believe video creation can be made fast, easy and online. We set out and built Typito to enable marketers, business owners, influencers and even YouTube creators to publish videos that convert better. Typito gives you all that you need to create a powerful video for the Internet - easy to use motion graphic templates, ability to add your favourite music, create image and video slideshows and produce square videos for social media. There's definitely a lot to improve, but we believe this is a decent start. Here's a short video that explains what Typito's about:
You can also try editing the above video online without signing up here - https://typito.com/demo. That would also give you a glimpse of what the tool lets you do. Hope you enjoy the demo! Also, check out some of the videos created using Typito here - https://show.typito.com. We thought this would help. Do let us know what you think about Typito. Earnestly looking forward to your feedback. Thanks and stay awesome!
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@tmatthewj Congrats on the launch!
@kenneth Thank you! Would love to know your thoughts about the video creation user experience. You can check it out here - https://typito.com/demo. Cheers!
@tmatthewj I like the way this looks. I am in higher ed and students creating/editing video is becoming more and more of a requirement. But we don't want the editing to be so time-consuming to learn it distracts from the actual content of the course. I think Typito has some promise here. I was wondering if you had any higher ed schools involved before?
@mrkampmann Sorry about the late reply and thanks for the kind words! We have got a few requests from schools asking for our terms, sole source letter etc but we never got to the stage of formally enrolling schools on Typito. And it was also a time when we were focussing primarily on helping marketers and SMB owners and couldn't prioritise videos for education. I think now's a great time for us to look at higher ed schools and explore how to make video editing fast and easy for them. It would be great if we can discuss the possibilities on email and then take it forward. You could send me a note at matthew@typito.com or share your email so that I can initiate a conversation on this. Looking forward! :)

Typito definitely simplifies the whole video creation process. No need to worry about adding filters and/or accidentally screw up a semi-baked video. If you want to create a simple video with your own images, go with one of their lighthearted audio files, your video is available for sharing within minutes. BTW, Typito brand logo is acceptable (not as big as some free tools).

If you're looking for more sophisticated features, give Typito some time to develop them.

Great start and thank you!


Drag and Drop. Extremely easy to use. If Kyra can do it, guess everyone can create a video in no time :)


Limited collection of images, audio and video files

I have been using Typito since its early days and from what it was and what it is today is about tremendous progress. I have processed more than 50 videos in Typito. The best part is the ease of putting in interesting motion graphic text, which otherwise has to be done in some sort of a desktop based program which you would need to start learning from scratch. From basic text input, they have been adding more features by time and today, I think you can even make short videos including all elements like pictures, videos, music and text. The ease comes to its best with that publish button, where you can straight away publish to YouTube and Facebook. The best part about any technology is the ease of doing complicated tasks and having access for the common man, and that is the best part about Typito. They should start working on providing more motion graphic templates.


Add graphics and text in a matter of minutes on a video


Limited collection of templates

Wow! This is CANVA for Video - super cool features, amazingly simple usability. What I look forward? A direct mention of a simple monthly subscription plan for 10 or 15 vids per month, Rs 180/- per video is high unless you are a famous content creator. Kudos @tmatthewj and team
@adithya Thanks for the feedback! :-) And yes, we plan to launch a monthly subscription soon, should be out in a month's time. I also agree that Rs. 180/- could be on the higher side for many creators, we hope to solve this with an affordable monthly plan. Cheers!
@adithya We've come up with monthly plans on Typito. You can check them out here - https://typito.com/pricing. Most of our users have responded well to the change in pricing. Thanks a lot for your feedback again! :-)

Fell in love with Typito as soon as I saw it. I use it as part of my agency work and love how easy it is to use and for such an affordable price. Would recommend to anyone wanting to make videos with zero experience.


easy to use, amazing features, very intuitive


with the new updates, it's awesome