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#3 Product of the DayNovember 16, 2018

With Typito for Teams, you can invite your team members and collaborate with them to create, edit and publish videos. Stay brand-compliant with your team fonts and brand colors available in a few clicks.

  • Vacations By Crown
    Vacations By CrownTravel Agency

    Excellent customer service, great product, and user friendly


    It could be the internet in my office, but I've run into issues with slow speeds. Just be patient, the product is so worth it.

    It's basically Canva but for video editing. The price is by far a steal for what you get to do on the platform. I've used it to make facebook video ad campaigns for the company I work for. The support staff goes above and beyond when you need assistance. I recommend this product to everyone.

    Vacations By Crown has used this product for one year.
  • Shyjal
    ShyjalFounder, Collect.chat

    The best, simplest video maker on the internet


    Nothing that i can think of

    I have been using Typito for few months and so far loving it. I am excited to try the new team collaboration feature. Thanks for building this :)

    Shyjal has used this product for one year.
Hey PH folks! We launched Typito a year back on Product Hunt with butterflies in the stomach 😅. Fast forward a year, we are now serving 40K businesses including marketing teams, nonprofits, ad agencies and digital journalist houses with a fast and easy way to create videos for their business. Like Canva, but for videos 😊. We are here today to launch Typito 2.0 that we believe would change the way teams create videos for business. With Typito for Teams, you can invite your team members and collaborate with them to create, edit and publish videos. Stay brand-compliant with your team fonts and brand colors available in a few clicks. Here are a few resources that you might find helpful! 1. https://show.typito.com → collection of a few videos created and published on Typito 2. http://help.typito.com/teams-on-... → help articles explaining the different capabilities in Typito for Teams 3. https://community.typito.com/ -> an active community of video creators and marketers who discuss all relevant topics under the Sun about video editing and marketing. Thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us. 🙇🏻 All the lovely illustrations are by @sharon_j (https://behance.net/SharonJacob) 😊 Cheers! 🙌🍻
Nice product. I have 2 questions. 1) Can I share the project I am working on with a member of my team? You know like Google docs. Can they see the progress and make comments? 2) Does Typito have features similar to Headliner.app? Thanks, Aslam
@aslamabbas Hey Aslam, thank you! 😊 We don't have the 'share to edit' feature like Google Docs. We currently require you to add the person as a member in your team to share editing privileges on your projects. However, this is a feature some of our customers have been requesting us to build since they sometimes work with freelancers from Fiverr and Upwork. We'll certainly evaluate if it makes sense to do it soon. Happy to keep you posted on this front!
@aslamabbas Headliner is an amazing app! I'd say we standout from the likes of Headline because of our primary focus on the text-on-video experience. That also reflects in initiatives like Templates (https://typito.com/templates), a collection of 200+ After Effects like text animations that you can customise and add on your video with a few clicks. At the same time, we don't leverage AI like how Headliner claims to be using for speeding up the video creation process. Hopefully soon to be there! 😊
Hi Matthew, Typito looks great. Do you allow multi-language fonts in the brand kit feature? For example - videos with Spanish or Chinese text.
@kabandisaikia Hey Kabandi, we support all languages and scripts (including right-to-left fonts). Here's a detailed help article that explains how to add a Greek font from Google Fonts - http://help.typito.com/teams-on-.... The steps to follow would be the same for any custom font including the ones that support Chinese or Spanish. Hope that helps! 😃
We’re a tourist office in North Sealand, Denmark (VisitNorthSealand) and have been using Typito for about a year. It’s the perfect tool for an organisation wanting an intuitive video workspace that everyone can access. The interface is appealing and fast to learn and the drag and drop concept is similar to most other programmes – meaning you don’t need endless amounts of time before you master Typito. Typito is browser based so that you can access your account from any device at hand. The upload and loading speeds are improving every month. The service and communication with the people at Typito is outstanding. We always get the help we need and they’re very interested in improving Typito to make the user experience the best it can be. With the new team feature it will be even easier to work in Typito as a team – collaborating, critiquing and inspiring each other. We’re looking forward to working with it. Go and get it 👑
@organisationen Hey Jesper, thanks a ton for the amazing feedback! 😊 I have to say you've played a big role in defining customer happiness at Typito. Our first customer call with you strongly reinforced the belief that we always held as a team, that is we need to prioritise customer support over everything 😃. Thanks for being understanding and accommodative all throughout our journey! Looking forward to your thoughts on the Team capabilities soon! P.S.: Been a while since we've had a discussion on football. Last was during the WC. Will keep some time for this during the next call. 😅 ⚽
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out soon
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush!