A personal web page without the hassle — Invite Code: HUNTED

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Thanks for the votes so far guys! Happy to answer any questions about Typify. In case you missed it in tagline above, you can get early access to the beta using 'HUNTED' as the invite code.
@oliverwaters Is it still possible to sign up for the beta? I keep getting an error.
Aww yeah, early access! Thanks, @oliverwaters, and well done on the design. I like the simplicity and subtle touches (e.g. when adding a website, it auto-detects the color to use based on the site's favicon). Here's mine! http://rrhoover.typify.io/ Why did you build this, Oliver?
@oliverwaters Looks like the signup code no longer works? Getting a error reading "Are you human?" :(
Thanks @rrhoover! We built Typify primarily to solve a problem our team was experiencing — there was no single place online that represented us properly. Personal web pages take time to setup, maintain and keep up to date. Typify unifies your online presence and uses the content you create to build a page about you that stays up to date automatically. One link to all your profiles.