Typeform v2 (beta)

Build beautiful conversational forms, surveys and more


Typeform v2 (BETA) is a fresh update to Typeform with a lot of new features like a new Build section and flow. Creating a typeform will feel different, but it’s designed to be faster and require less clicking around.

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  • William Triska
    William TriskaCOO @ META School

    Clean and efficient visuals, well above average end-user experience


    New Editor Not Great, Doesn't Auto-save, Price (not for filthy casuals like me)

    So it would seem that when I clicked the link to check the "Pro" pricing, my form vanished. This would imply that I should have manually saved. I didn't see that option, and now my form is gone. Features seem to work fairly well and can be configured to do some interesting things. I would not recommend any online content generation tools that don't autosave with an action history.

    William Triska has used this product for one week.
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    Bugggy, Ugly UX, Doesn't work!

    I have product photography studio based in New York. I'm using your form as a brief for my clients to understand their needs, estimate the price etc. I have been using your form since the version 1. Once you featured the version 2.0 it's just broke my relationships with a lot of clients.

    Here are some reviews from my clients:

    "Hi Alex,

    I signed up and I’m trying to place and order but the system is not working, the page keeps refreshing for about 10 mins."

    "I've spent about 10-15 minutes trying to get the form to work without any progress past the 1st question. Please let me know if there's an alternative"


    I can provide 5 more reviews similar to the reviews above with screenshots.

    Here is a feedback from me:

    1. When I'm trying to save something it doesn't work! I have screenshots.

    2. The images in the form have been cropped after you moved from version 1.0 to 2.0. It means that the images appear bigger than the image frame so my clients can't see the whole image.

    3. In general it is the slowest software for $70 per month that I've ever used.

    4. Awful UX experience comparing to version 1.0

    5. You made some changes to attributes in your API without any notice so it's broke integration with our system, so we stopped receiving responses.

    I decided to move fro this service ASAP.

    Alex Davidovich has used this product for one year.
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    New design is awful

    The new design is awful, i've been using the PRO version for over a year and now I cant even create a new form... please change it back to what it was!

    Yonathan Yuri Faber has used this product for one year.
  • Chantal Erasmus
    Chantal ErasmusTechnical Marketer

    Still better than survey monkey


    The new interface is confusing, the drag and drop ease from the previous builder is lost. Results are shown one participant a time.

    They took an incredible product and overcomplicated it. its really sad.

    Chantal Erasmus has used this product for one year.
  • Chris Dell
    Chris DellCEO, Go Baller




    bugs galore. ux/ui worse than before.

    Chris Dell has used this product for one week.